We Are Collecting Box Tops!

boxtops_headerCollecting Boxtops for Education is a great way to earn money for our school.  Boxtops are included in many packages for shopping.  Just clip them out, attach your Boxtops to a collection sheet or put them in envelopes or Ziploc bags, and send them to school.
Each Boxtop is worth a dime!  If every student could bring in just 10 boxtops that would be $1500 for our school, which would be enough to fund buses for at least one field trip for an entire grade!  A little effort could end up with a big result!

Boxtops can be sent to school in your student’s folders,  or you are welcome to drop them off in the Boxtop collection box in the CAC dining room or in the PTA mailbox in the main office.

For more information on products and coupons go to https://www.boxtops4education.com
Here is a collection sheet for October to download.  Downright-Scary (1)