Halloween celebrations & the school

happy_halloweenAs you undoubtedly know, Halloween is just around the corner!  (Tuesday, October 31)

Dr. Hagstrom recently sent a letter home setting expectations for a fun and safe celebration in school.  Just in case you missed it,  it’s attached to the bottom of this post.

Here are some of those guidelines.

  1. Students and teachers are allowed to wear costumes as long as they are safe and appropriate.
  2. Some things that would be considered inappropriate:
    • Masks or headpieces that deter clear vision
    • Long skirts that would be difficult to use on the stairs or in gym class
    • Props that could be considered weapons
  3.  Parties for grades 2-8 will be held on the last period of the day.
  4. At the party, only wrapped store-bought treats are allowed.
  5. Teachers may have an instructional activity that has a Halloween theme, or a craft project, or story project.  No videos will be allowed.
  6. happy_hallowThe Early Childhood Center will have their Halloween Carnival in the CAC.
    I believe that all first floor (Grades K-1) will be allowed to attend.
  7. Kindergarteners will parade through the school in their costumes.




Have a safe and Happy Halloween!