Third Floor Students and U.Chicago Basketball on November 19!

u.chicago_flagOn Sunday, November 19,  third-floor Disney students have a very exciting opportunity to attend a University of Chicago Basketball game, tour the campus, and experience a prestigious collegiate environment.

Along with watching a basketball game, students will go on a campus tour, eat
lunch in the dining hall, and spend time with college students. The University will cover the cost of the entire event, and will also provide buses for the two groups that we are taking.

The event will take place on Sunday, November 19, and the time will vary for
boys and girls. While the bus ride, student tour, and dining will not include parents (unless a parent is a chaperone), all parents are welcome to attend the basketball game.

Please see the schedule below and fill out and return the information to Mr. Riskus as soon as possible.

This opportunity is only available to third floor students. We have 60 spots for girls and 60 spots for boys. First come first serve!
10:15am                               Group gets picked up Disney
11:00am                               Arrive at University of Chicago
11:00 am                              Meet girls that are going directly to campus
11:00am                               Campus Tour
12:00pm                               Lunch in Dining Hall
12:45pm                               Chicago Women’s Game
3:00pm                                 Load Bus for Return to Disney
3:45pm                                 Arrive at Disney

12:15pm                               Group Gets Picked up at Disney
1:00pm                                 Arrive at University of Chicago
1:00 pm                                Meet boys that are going directly to campus
1:00pm                                 Lunch in Dining Hall
1:45pm                                 Campus Tour
2:45pm                                 Chicago Men’s Game
5:00pm                                 Load Bus for Return to Disney
5:45pm                                 Arrive at Disney

If you would like for your son or daughter to attend the event, please fill out the following form, and click submit to send to Mr. Riskus or, print the form below and email it to him (I’ve attached the image of the flyer sent home below.)