The Spring Book Fair is On!

book-fair-1.jpgThe Spring Book Fair starts today and runs through April 20.  Over the next days, your student will be scheduled to come to the book fair with his or her class.   A revised schedule is below.


Please make sure to send money with your children if they plan on buying books at the fair.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prices listed on the flyers don’t include sales tax.  Please send enough money to cover sales tax.   That is approximately 10% in Chicago  (It’s actually 10.25%) 

So if you think your kid is going to spend $20 on books, you need to send them in with $22.10  (and they should get .05 cents back in change!)

If you have a child on the first floor, please send money in a plastic bag or an envelope.  It is best to label the bag or envelope with your child’s name and dollar amount.
Parents and staff are welcome to shop at the fair while the fair is open.  Please note that hours vary depending on the day.  We will also be open on report card pick up day which is Wednesday, April 18th.
We need volunteers each day of the fair.  Parents are needed on the floor to help younger students find books.  If you are interested, please send us a message here.

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