Box Tops Deadline is October 31!

While your kids are still deciding what they are going to be for Halloween (Disney student doesn’t cut it; but a Disney character, sure!) there is another deadline looming for our school: Boxtops.

Box Tops for Education™ is a program that was started by General Mills in 1996. Since that time, schools around the country have received essentially free money totaling over 850 million dollars!

It’s simple: You buy stuff with boxtops on them, you cut them out and turn them into us (send them in with your student, or bring them into the office and leave them in the PTA mailbox) We collect and collate them, and mail them to the company, who in turn sends us a check. That money is used to provide free books for teachers and the school, bussing for classroom field trips, school assemblies, and lots of other things that make our school a better place.

If you want to be an extra good Box Top Citizen, you can collate them yourself! Print out this sheet and attach them to this. A full sheet is worth $2.50 to our PTA!   Thanks for your help in earning money for our school.

By the way, BoxTops are not the only painless way to help us raise money.  Check out other ways using Amazon Smiles and Shoparoo.

Here’s the PDF of the image.