Early Childhood Halloween Carnival

halloween_carnivalIt is a Disney Magnet tradition that the first-floor students (those in Pre-K, K, and 1st grade) get to participate in the Early Childhood Halloween Carnival.  

This year the event is on Wednesday, October 31.

It’s a fun event where the school gets transformed into a carnival full of masked characters, games, and treats. This is one of only two days approved for treats per CPS and Disney School Wellness Policy.

As per just about everything we have some rules about the Halloween Carnival.

FOOD RULES:  Food or non-edible treats may be sent with your student to give to classmates. Candy/food items must be individually wrapped, store purchased and “peanut free”. NO HOMEMADE TREATS ALLOWED. Treats will NOT be consumed at school; they will be sent home in plastic bags at the end of the school day.

The treats you bring in need to be wrapped, storebought, and have no peanuts in them.

COSTUME RULES: First-floor students may arrive at school in costume or bring it to change into for the festivities. Hair paint and makeup should be applied at home; no masks, toy props or weapons are allowed. Please make sure the costume length does not pose a safety hazard for your child.

Children’s costumes should not have masks or weapons. Any makeup should be applied at home.

PARENT VOLUNTEERS:  Parents who are scheduled to volunteer by the Floor Director, may attend the carnival with their child at the classroom’s designated time. Volunteers will receive their assignments next week, via their child’s teacher.

If you have any questions, contact Ms. Meyers (Assistant Principal) or Mrs. Caudill (first-floor director)