Free tickets to U. Chicago Basketball Game on Friday 1/25

Disney Parents:

The PTA is sponsoring an exciting event on Friday, January 25 at 8pm.  Students and parents are invited to watch the University of Chicago Men’s Basketball game on Friday January 25th at 8 pm  as they take on Case Western University.

The game is in Hyde Park at the Ratner Athletic Center at 5530 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL. Entry is free for Disney students and families. Friday will be a great opportunity to visit the University Campus, experience a College atmosphere, meet other Disney families, and get a chance to talk to the Men’s basketball team after the game.

Although Mr. Riskus will be at the event, there will be no chaperones and importantly, all parents are responsible to watch their children. Disney will sit underneath the American flag in the center section opposite the score-keepers and benches.

If you are interested in going, please print out the pdf or jpg below, fill it out, and then cut out the ticket voucher at the bottom.

Please turn the top half of this paper into the following people by Thursday 1/24.

Mr. Smith (K-1 st grade),
Ms. Olvera (2nd -4th grade)
Ms. Jarvis (5th -8th grade)

The bottom half of the page will be your voucher for free entry. If you have any questions about the game, feel free to email Mr. Riskus at


Print out the following PDF (download link)