Spring Fundraiser: Java Joe’s Coffee!

smart_fundraiser_graphicFor our spring fundraiser, we are partnering with the Java Joe Fundraising Company to sell their delicious gourmet style coffee and specialty beverages.  We will also be selling their delicious varieties of cookie mixes (using non-refrigerated cookie dough!)  and fudge.

We are hoping for your enthusiastic participation to help our PTA achieve its goal of making our school a better place.


coffee_cup.pngAn order form went out a few days ago, along with a sheet about the fundraiser. You can use the order form on the back of the sheet to collect your orders.  Be sure to include your name, phone, and class on the form.  Enclose monies in the envelope provided, and send that into school with your student.  Checks should be made out to “Disney Magnet PTA”.

All orders and payment are due by Monday March 11nth. 

Products that you order will be available for pickup on Wednesday, April 10 (REPORT CARD PICKUP DAY) at the school between 11 am and 6pm 


wizard.jpgIf you don’t have your order form, you can also order online at http://fund.school/disney 

Click on any of the names on the list at the bottom to buy (and that person will get credit for the sale) or you can  click on SELLER REGISTER  at the top right, register on the site and become a seller yourself.)

You can also use your smartphone to text the keyword “Disney” to 631-333-7250 to receive a clickable link to the online fundraiser.

The online fundraiser goes through March 12.  Online orders can either be shipped to the school for free (and will be available for pickup on Wednesday April 10) or shipped to your home for a small fee (and will typically arrive quicker.) This second option also works great for family and friends who don’t live close by but would still like to support your child’s school.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us either on Facebook or using our contact form.