Gladys My Unforgettable Love: March 1

gladys_bookOn Friday, March 1, the PAC will hold a meeting at 7:30 am to discuss the book Gladys, My Unforgettable Love by author Dr. Antonio Morales-Pita.  The author will give a talk about his 40+ year relationship with his now deceased wife and the practices and tools to create a loving and home relationship for our students.

Citing his own words “to love and to be loved is a big human achievement,” This book pursues the objective of improving couples’ love relationships by means of learning, assimilating and implementing Gladys Morales’ ways of living an exemplary love relationship for more than forty years under stressful economic, political, and social environments.

The PAC has purchased 12 books to give away to attendants of the meeting (9 in English, and 3 in Spanish)  The first 12 participants will receive the books.  Other participants can purchase them directly from Dr. The meeting will be held in the CAC Dining room.

Directly after the meeting, the Pod 210 CAC will commnence in the auditorium downstairs.  Participants of PAC meetings get seated slightly earlier than everyone else!
pac_meeting_MARCH1 (1)