Choose which PJ’s Mr. Riskus will wear! FUNDRAISER THIS WEEKEND!

This weekend is the Just Get Sleep, Disney fundraising event, where a portion of every mattress sold at the event goes to the Disney PTA.  That’s money for movie nights, bus trips, special events, teacher appreciation, and lots more.  This year, the event is going to have a lot scheduled , including a Choose The Principal’s PJ’s event, a sleep package raffle, performances, games, an art project, and a whole lot more.

disney_raffle_sleepThe event will go from 10 am-5 pm this Saturday May 11nth in the CAC,  and there will be hot dogs, soda, and sweet treats to buy made by the Disney faculty and staff.   (Please note that all purchases from the baked goods must be made by a parent or guardian.)


The class who gets the most attendance at the fundraiser will get to choose what PJ”s Assistant Principal Riskus will have to wear for the entire day!

There will also be a raffle in which one lucky family will win a sleep package worth $250. In order to enter the raffle, you need to turn a ticket that your student received into your student’s floor office.

There are lots of other events going on that day, including the following:

Principal_PJs11 AM:  Disney Concert Choir performance.
11:30 AM:  Tug of War Contest
12:00 PM:  Disney Concert Band performance
12:30 PM: Three Legged Race
1:00 PM: Puppet Place Puppet show:  Hansel and Gretel
1:30 PM:  Egg Spoon Relay
2:00 PM Spring Art Family Fun.

It’s all for a great cause, so we hope to see you there!