Two PAC Programs This Week!

The PAC (Parent Advisory Council) is sponsoring two programs this week as part of the Title I Funding status that Disney receives.  This provides money for programs for parents to become more involved with their student’s progress, and to work on being a better parent.

Nicole Dreiske getting parents excited about Screen Smart ®

On Tuesday June 4 from 3-5pm, PAC is sponsoring a talk by Nicole Dreiske, one of the nation’s experts on children and screen time.  She is the director of the International Children’s Media Center, and the author of the book The Upside of Digital Devices.

She will host a workshop to help parents learn to teach their children Screen Smart® tips to boost summer learning. With parent-friendly sensory tools and literacy boosters, the Screen Smart® program links empathy and digital wellness. The program will be held in the CAC dining room, and refreshments will be available.


Purchase Nicole’s book on Amazon.


On Friday June 7 from 7:45 am-8:45 am, PAC will host its last meeting of the year.

Summer learning books will be available for all grades on a limited basis (First come, first serve)

Enjoy a conversation with other Disney parents on how to make summer learning fun and engaging.

You can also become part of PAC and help determine how the Title I money gets spent! They are actively seeking volunteers!

Flyers about the programs were sent home last week, but we’ve got them here if you need them.

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