Get Your Boxtops In!

The Boxtops program is moving all digital, but as of now, they are still accepting actual boxtops.

There’s a November 1 deadline to get them in (for us) so that they will count for this year, and so we are asking all parents to bring them in before October 15!

boxtops_oct_15We are going to have a big Boxtops counting party on October 18 (Movie Night) so if you’d like to help us count them and turn them into free field trips and kids activities, we’d welcome your help!  If you’d like to help, contact us.

The other thing that we’d like you to do is download the BoxTops4Education app to your smart phone, so that you can start scanning receipts .  It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s fun.  (And you can also download Shoparoo and scan the same receipts for extra funds for us!)

To download the Boxtops app, visit
To download the Shoparoo app visit
Thank you for your support!