School is Canceled for Tomorrow!

The teachers have gone on strike, and school is officially canceled for tomorrow.

support_teachersHow long the strike will go on is anyone’s guess.  In the meantime, CPS has created some contingency plans for people who need childcare, and can’t afford to pay for it.

As part of that contingency plan, you can send your kid to Disney (or a school, library, or other Safe Haven closer to your house– if you choose that option, then you should register them for that school)  An interactive map of potential places, as well as more information is available at the URL below.

Be warned that schools will be staffed not by teachers, but by principals and non-unionized support staff, and it will probably be pretty chaotic.   It is still an option if you need it.
Meals will also be provided.

(Check out the CPS Contingency Plan Page for more information.) The URL is
This is some of the information on that page:


Although regular classroom instruction will not occur, CPS school buildings will be open to students. Principals and non-unionized support staff will be available to greet students and ensure they have access to engaging activities.

  • CPS school buildings will be open during their normal bell schedule. Students who need a safe place to go are encouraged to attend their regular school, but we will welcome students at any CPS school that is appropriate for their age.
  • Charter and contract schools will continue to operate on their normal schedules, and families should look for any updates or changes from their principal or school/charter operator.
  • All CPS schools will serve breakfast and lunch to students. Students will also be offered a meal to take home.
  • After school activities will be canceled. This includes — but is not limited to — team practices and competitions, tutoring, field trips, Parent University activities, and other community activities.
  • To ensure the safety and well-being of our students, CPS administrative office staff will be assigned to schools as needed.
  • Chicago Public Libraries and Chicago Parks will also be open, along with Safe Haven sites and other community partner sites.
  • School transportation services will not be available for students. Free CTA transportation will be available to students.

If your child needs a safe place to go during a strike, enter your address into the site locator. It will show you the closest CPS schools, as well as nearby programs at parks, libraries, and other community sites that will welcome students. The site locator also provides information about non-CPS locations, including their hours and whether food will be available. If you plan to send your child to a CPS school, please complete the student registration form at the bottom of the page to register your child for the duration of the strike. Although registration is not mandatory, it helps ensure we have enough staff and meals to serve children each day.

You will need to know your child’s student ID number to register them. If you do not know your child’s student ID number, please call your child’s school. For security purposes, school staff will request your child’s name, birthdate, and primary point of contact before they share your child’s student ID number.